New Year security check is 2017 the  year that you get your home checked?

Door Security Check

Get all your external and internal doors security checked

Frank Taylor’s Edinburgh Locksmith service can provide a free New Year security check to make sure your home is up to scratch.

The security check covers all your windows, doors and locks in your home. If you need any locks replaced this can be done same day. If extra keys are needed these can be cut and checked at your door with Frank’s mobile key cutting service.

Here is a general list to make sure your home is kept safe as possible in the New Year.

  1. Are any of your valuable items visible from the outside your home
  2. Do not post when you are on holiday on Facebook and other social media (you can create friend/family groups)
  3. Get a deadlock or chain installed on your front door.
  4. Give a spare set of keys to a trusted friend or family member.
  5. Never leave a spare key in the vicinity of your house.
  6. Where appropriate get motion sensitive lighting installed.
  7. Consider installing a alarm system.
  8. If you have had previous issues or are concerned about your property consider getting some CCTV cameras installed.
  9. Get a basic safe for your most valuable items.
  10. Get your doors and windows security checked.