What to do after a break in

Things to Consider

There’s nothing worse than having a break-in, which is why we think it’s so important that you choose a secure lock. We ensure that our customers have the best home security available, but if you are broken into, there are several things you must consider once you’ve called the police.


Burglar Breaking In

Does the thief have a key?

We all do it – leave our spare keys beside the door. Check to see that all your spare keys are accounted for. If the thief has a set of keys, you may need to change the lock.


Is your lock secure?

If you’ve been broken into, it may be because of an insecure lock. You’d be surprised by how easy it can be to pick a lock, or access by other means. Once a thief has entered your house once and know they can get in, there’s every chance they’ll come back later. Make sure that you have a secure lock. You can read about lock security here.


Is your door frame secure?

It’s not just a lock that you need for a secure home – your door frame also needs to be strong and well constructed. The door frame is often one of the simplest weaknesses that allow thieves access to your home – a well placed kick can be all the is required. If you have been broken into and your door frame has been damaged, this is something we can fix as well.


Are your windows secure?

It’s not just doors that can give access to thieves – windows are a very common entry way. Window locks will add an extra layer of security to your home, and can be installed quickly without hassle. Contact us for more information on securing your windows.