Door Locks for Home Insurance

What are the best locks for home insurance?

BS3621 is a standard of lock security that will not only improve the security of your home, but may also make a difference to your home insurance premium.  BS3621 locks have to have the ability to be dead locked (find out what a deadlock is here) and the key taken away from both sides so no one can gain access or exit the door with-out a key.

Upgrading your home lock systems to BS3621 will makes it much harder for anyone to enter your property without a key, meaning your home stays safer. However, the only down side is it’s harder to get back in if you lose your key! But don’t worry, if you get locked out of your home we can help!

There are other lock security standards, such as BS8621, which allows you to exit a locked door without a key, which makes the property safer in the event of a fire.


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What makes the BS3621 secure?

  • It must be able to withstand 5 minutes of drilling using standard tools.
  • The bolt must be able to withstand 5 minutes of drilling or cutting.
  • There must be a ‘keyway curtain’ or ‘shroud’ to stop the lock being picked.
  • When locked, the lock bolt must extend at least 20mm into a steel bolt holder.
  • There must be at least 1000 differences to the range of locks, i.e. you will not get a duplicate key in 1000 locks.
  • The locking bolt must be able to resist a sidewards force of 10Kn before the lock fails. That’s the same as 1 ton of weight!

To find out more about upgrading your home lock system to BS3621 and the savings you could make on your home insurance, contact us.