Frank Taylor Edinburgh Locksmith LogoLocked out of your house?

A Guide on what to do by Frank Taylor Emergency Locksmiths

Step 1 – Don’t panic, think carefully, you may have put your keys in a different pocket or bag.

Step 2 – Retrace your steps and call places you have been that day in case someone has handed your keys in.

Step 3 – Who else has keys? Your roommate, a family member, neighbour or partner might have a spare set.

Step 4 – Look for an open window or check if the back door is unlocked.

Step 5 – Do not try and pick the lock yourself or open the door with a credit card. You are likely to either damage the lock or the credit card.

Step 6 – Call a local locksmith, give us a call!

Image of lost keys What to do when your locked out your house

What to do when your locked out your house

Call Frank Taylor on  07912 889746 for a damage free entry back into your home or business. Covering the Edinburgh and Lothians area we aim to get you back in your home in under 1 hour. More information on our Emergency Locksmith page.

If your locks need replaced this can be done the same day and with Franks mobile key cutting service you can get all the spare keys you need cut at your door.

Thanks for reading our ‘What to do when you’re locked out your house’ guide by Frank Taylor Emergency Locksmiths Edinburgh.

If you are worried that your keys have been stolen then we can replace all your locks same day, while at your home we offer a free home security check. For more information call today for some no obligation advice.