Need an Edinburgh Locksmith

What to do if you lock yourself out?

Here are some tips if you need an Edinburgh Locksmith

  1. Don’t panic recheck all your pockets and bags and make sure you don’t have them.
  2. Do you have a friend/neighbour or family member that has keys to your house?
  3. Don’t try an pick your own lock or put a credit card in your door (you may damage the card or the lock)
  4. Give Frank Taylor a call on 07912 889746.

In most cases especially emergency call out Frank can get you back in your home in under 1 hour. If you lock needs to be changed Frank can cut keys on site for you.

With 2 price brackets (daytime and evening) there is no hidden charger. Take a look at Frank’s Locksmith prices.

Frank Taylor Locksmith

Please be aware that in some cases security doors may take significantly longer than one hour due to the amount of leavers in the door. Also in some cases locks may need replaced, lock replacements will include 1 set of keys only. Additional sets of keys would have.

If you choose Frank as your Edinburgh Locksmith please remember and leave a Google review about your service. This helps future customers find Frank for Edinburgh Locksmith services.

If you are worried about your door or lock type there is no need. Frank can assess the door when he arrives and also give you any home security tips if needed. If you are worried about your home security Frank can also perform a check.


Need an Edinburgh Locksmith


Remember if you need an Edinburgh Locksmith call Frank Taylor 24hrs a day, 7 days a week.