As a locksmith, I work for a wide range of people, opening their doors when they get locked out, but one thing has “opened up more doors for me” (not literally) than anything: Judo.

For many years I have practiced Judo, and I have competed in many competitions all over the world and have trained with some of the best players in the world. (One of these players was Kosei Inoue who was in Edinburgh for two years. I used to take Kosei out on a few of my jobs in Edinburgh, and he loved it even though he couldn’t speak English at first, and I showed him how to open a couple of doors.) I trained  at George Kerr’s club, and at The Edinburgh Judo Club, and as a result I’ve done a lot of work for members of George’s club.

A very  good friend of mine, Peter Sharma, who  has several hotels in Edinburgh, including the Albany Hotel and Ballantrae Hotel, has given me the  opportunity to carry out  work in these premises. I changed all the locks on all the doors,and repaired all the windows. I have also fitted locks in his own home in Edinburgh.


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